Heartbreaks & Soulmates

After a night of partying an intoxicated Ronnie confesses his love to his best friend Lassity Peters. Lassity dismisses Ronnie. After being  apart from one another for ten years the two former best friends meet by chance encounter in New York City.

Written By: Steven L. Coard 


Like Uncle, Like NEPHEW 

Lane Howard and Kelton Mitchell Gybemi grew up as childhood friends in Atlanta Georgia. After the tragic death of Kelton's parents he moves in to live with Lane and his family.  Lane and Kelton are caught kissing by Lane's overly religious mother who condemns their relationship, and she kicks the two young men out of the house. Lane & Kelton travel to New York City to start their new life together. On a whim Kelton decides to moves to Africa leaving Lane alone in New York City.  After years alone Lane goes out on town and he meets two men. He begins to secretly date them both. What Lane doesn't know is that the two men have something in common.