Last night in the ATL

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I Love my B.F.F (Short Film) 


Evelyn Dwyer, Steven L. Coard, and Christian Frazier.

Written by: Steven L. Coard

Screenplay by: Kaylee Fleckney

Directed by: Steven L. Coard 

Plot: On the evening of their high school reunion Jadorie Snow introduces her new fiancee and her best friend. After her best friend disapproves of her relationship. Jadorie is forced to choose between the man she loves and her best friend.



"A Few Minutes in HEAVEN"

Starring :

Chris DeLoatch , Emery L Johnson, Carl Ellis Grant, Steven L. Coard 

Written, Produced, and Directed by: Steven L. Coard


A grieving detective launches his own private  investigation into the mysterious  death of his deceased ex.



Starring : Gary Lavard  & Steven L. Coard 

Synopsis:                                                                                                                                       Raymond “Raye” Buckley (played by Gary Lavard) moves to New York City to pursue his dream of becoming a supermodel. One night, by chance encounter, he meets agent Hardie Noon (played by Shawn Singleton) who helps him to become a modeling sensation, eclipsing his nemesis, America’s former top male model, Vester V. To hold his crown, Raye must learn who he can trust in the dog-eat-dog industry of high fashion modeling.

Written, Produced, and Directed By: Steven L. Coard & Kaylee Fleckney

"Don't Marry Griff"

Starring: Chris Deloatch, Steven L. Coard, J.R Rolley  

Synopsis:                                                                                                                                           Lyodell Archer (Steven L. Coard) and best friend Sutton Brown  (Chris DeLoatch)friendship is shaken to its very core when Sutton confesses his love to Lyodell on his wedding day. Things get complicated when Lyodell's finance Griffith Lowell (J.R Rolley)becomes suspicious of their close friendship.

Written, Produced, and Directed By: Steven L. Coard

"Heartbreaks & Soulmates Film "        

Starring: Tripp ALi, Robert Gaza, Steven L. Coard, Evelyn Dwyer.

After a night of partying an intoxicated Ronnie (Robert Garza) confesses his love to his best friend Lassity Peters(Tripp Ali) who rejects him. After ten years seperated apart the two former best friends meet by chance encounter in New York City.

Written, Produced, and Directed By: Steven L. Coard