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 A surprise LGBT celebrity guest  has signed on to be apart of this project!

Character Breakdown

Last night in DC

Richard Singelton travels to DC to surprise his long lost brother with a visit. Things don't turn out as expected and Richard meets a handsome stranger who helps him in the most unexpected way. 

Richard Singleton, M,  Lead, 30-40 years old.  Richard goes to DC to locate his long lost baby brother. Richard is sensitive, intelligent,  awkwardly good looking, and sarcastic. He is often times very forgetful. 

Rish Utley, M,  Lead, 28-40 years old. Rish Utley is a native of DC. He is an entrepreneur, and very good looking.  He cares for Richard and wants to make sure that he is protected. Rish is the type of guy who doesn't like to discuss his feelings although they are out there for the entire world to see.

Monika Singleton, F, Supporting, 26-40 years old. Monika is  devoted member to her church. She is homophobic and pro black. Monika believes Richard will spread the gay disease to her children. 

Franklyn Singleton, M, Supporting, 20-27 years old. Franklyn is the long lost baby brother of Richard. He is afraid of his wife, and does anything she says. Franklyn does not stand up for himself. 

Bar Patron - Day Player (M/F) Any Ethnicity,  21+ years old.